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ASNU Fuel Injectors

ASNU Fuel Injectors


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ASNU Performance Injectors
The ASNU range of Performance Injectors offer the user a complete and unique range of injectors
with various flow rate options and spray patterns.

All designed to suit the varied Motorsport and Street Performance applications.

With the range of Electrical Connector Adapters and Hard Wire connectors, combined with our range of Fuel Rail Adapters
and reducers, there is an ASNU Performance Injector to suit most applications.

The Select ‘n Injector Injector
The ASNU “Select ‘n’ Injector” High Performance Injector Programme offers the Engine Tuner / High Performance user a complete and unique range of injector options to suit their individual requirements or application.

The ASNU injectors options of spray pattern angles. Each spray angle option is matched to a flow rate to ensure optimum usage of the fuel provided. Based on ASNU experience, these injectors are designed for the varied Motorsport and Street Performance applications.

All holes in the ASNU orifice cap are cut using lasers for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using this latest technology allows ASNU to produce caps with very specific spray patterns and flow rates and can even produce to the customers own specifications.

If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact ASNU:

Function & Application
Injectors have various functions and whether the application is for Aftermarket, Motorsport, Marine or Motor Cycle, ASNU has experience of them all. ASNU has always claimed “its not how much fuel you give the engine, its how well you make it burn” , now we aim to prove that point with our own injectors. Apart from Super Charged Dragsters or other “Straight Line” racers, everyone else needs to ensure that the fuel being delivered will burn efficiently. All ASNU injectors are fitted with an easy to see Flow Rate and Spray Pattern Identification Ring which means that there is no more confusion over exactly what is expected of the injector, the ASNU web site and brochures will display the specifications of all the injectors, making identification quick, simple and easy.

Correct Delivery- Maximum Performance – Minimum Fuel Wastage
The ASNU seven hole orifice cap gives the ideal combination of Fuel Flow, Fuel Distribution and Fuel Atomisation. The seven holes produce smaller fuel droplets that will burn more efficiently, meaning more performance and more laps for less fuel. This is a critical factor and should be considered when comparing ASNU injectors to some other “Performance” injectors.

Achieving the designated BHP does not mean you will achieve maximum performance from the engine. ASNU Performance Injectors will allow you to maximise the power curve of the engine, give instant throttle response and maximum fuel economy, all required to win races.

Correct combustion is not about how much fuel you put in the engine, its about how efficiently you get the fuel to burn and that alone will determine the combustion performance of the engine. The option of having just ONE Injector and Fifteen Flow & Spray options to “select ‘n’ injector” from, gives the expert Engine Management System Programmers and suppliers the perfect answer to meet theirs and their customer needs.

With one range of injector resistance and impedance settings for all injectors, the only requirement being the mapping for the fuel flow rate and injector off-set. Simply Select you Injector requirements and plug & play.

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