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Focal K Series Coaxial Speakers

Focal K Series Coaxial Speakers


These speakers are great fitment for the supra when purchased with our front speaker brackets

They also fit in the rear GZ speaker pods or the rear metal brackets with just a small mod.


The K2 series from Focal is an upgrade from the standard speakers we supply, we recommend they are separately amplified for the best quality.


The EC 165 K kit is composed of two 165 mm (6½”) woofers with coaxial tweeters.
Like all speaker drivers in the K2 Power line, the coaxial woofers of the EC 165 K kit are also equipped with Kevlar® cones. These cones are endowed with all the ideal qualities: lightness, rigidity and excellent damping, to deliver dynamic sound and perfect definition. The cones are fixed to the frame using TMD suspension, whose exclusive design removes unwanted resonances and reduces the effects of distortion.


The two TKM inverted dome tweeters are composed of aramid fibres. Their exclusive “M”-shaped profile is designed to control deformation of the dome, and to reproduce with precision smoothly high frequencies up to 22 kHz. The frames have been redesigned to make them more robust and shorter; their depth has been reduced as much as possible: 74 mm (3″). These tweeters are equipped with built-in crossovers.
The kit is supplied with aluminium and mesh grilles.


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