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Formula Steering Wheel Series 3

Formula Steering Wheel Series 3


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Formula Steering Wheel Series 3

Sim racing wheel
Display 5″ LCD Full HD 1920×1080 px
Handle grip Injection moulded with professional sport rubber
Push buttons 12 professional buttons. Two of those are in the rear of the wheel
Encorders 8 industrial absolute encoders with high torque. Each encoder has 12 independent positions
Handle-to-Handle distance 30,7 mm
Digital joystick Digital joystick with 7 functions
Analog joystick Analog 2 axes joystick. The joystick is used also as a mouse on PC
LEDs 21 diffused opaque LEDs with adjustable brightness. 5 green LEDs, 7 red LEDs, 7 blu LEDs, 2 yellow LEds
Multifunctional encoder The central encoder SL1 is a multifunctional encoder. By utilizing buttons 10 and 11 in conjunction with the encoder’s position, you can control specific settings of the steering wheel or of the car
Gear paddles 2 gear paddles made in aluminium cnc machined with strong magnetic system, OMRON industrial sensor, rubber stops for a silent action and ball bearings
Clutches 2 hall effect clutches with bite point. The bite point is adjustable on the fly, easily, also on track. The clutches can be calibrated with the steering wheel’s internal software
Front carbon fiber plates The front of the wheel is made with 2 carbon fiber plates with 4mm thickness
Motor bases compatibility The wheel is compatible with all the motors with a standard 6x70mm PCD. It is compatible also with Thrustmaster motors, Fanatec motors and Simucube motors.
Proprietary Software All the steering wheel software was made in house by Esportsim engineers. We don’t use vocore or any other third-party software
Dashboards Thanks to our proprietary software you can use some esportsim native dashboards, SIMHUB dashboards and Z1 dashboards
Custom dashboards We developed a web software called Dashboard Designer with which you can design your custom dashboard and send to the wheel with one click. The wheel can receive it because has internet connection
Telemetry sources Simhub, Esportsim Telemetry Gateway, F1 games
Dashboard sources Native dashboards, Simhub, Z1
Platforms compatibility PC, PS, Xbox. On PC the wheel receives the telemetry data from all the sim racing simulators. On PS and Xbox it receive and show on the display the telemetry comes from F1 21, F1 22 and the upcoming F1 23
Telemetry physical communication channel USB 2.0 at high speed 480 Mbps or Wifi
Advanced software features Brake Balance Preset and the Gear Advanced Mode. The Brake Balance Preset is a function that allows you to decrease and increase the brake balance by X defined steps by pressing a single button.

The Gear Advanced Mode is a function to prevent to insert the Neutral gear with the left gear paddle

Software update Thanks to the internet communication the wheel receives and installs the software updates automatically
Professional Stickers The stickers are printed with a special technique that prevent to touch the ink
Weight 1,75 kg with 6x70mm adapter and PPU (gear paddles and double clutches)

In the steering wheel, there are 3 native dashboards in addition to the ability to use all the dashboards from Simhub and Z1 Dashboard.

If you choose the Fanatec Console PS and Xbox connection, the wheel includes the Fanatec ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module. If you want the double clutches, you can add the PPU (Professional Paddle Unit) option. Take a look at the picture of the back of the wheel to understand what the PPU is.
If you select any other version, the PPU is included with the wheel.

Adding this PS compatibility in the Fanatec PC connection means that the wheel will be compatible only with all games on PS that recognize a keyboard. F1 games like F1 23 recognize the wheel as a keyboard.

Buttons and Encoders Mappings

Formula steering wheel PC USB version
Formula steering wheel fanatec version
Formula steering wheel thrustmaster version

Additional information

FSW Connection

Standard 6×70 mm PCD, Fanatec PC (needs podium hub. It is not included), Fanatec Console PS and XBOX with QR2 wheel-side, Thrustmaster PC, Thrustmaster PS/XBOX


None, PS compatibility (keyboard emulation – works on F1 games), Fanatec Podium hub with QR2 included, PPU (Professional Paddle Unit with clutches)


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