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H & R Lowering Springs Supra A80

H & R Lowering Springs Supra A80


Part Number: 29432

Lowering Front (mm): 35

Lowering Rear (mm): 35

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When superior handling and driving quality are top of your list, there are few things that hold more importance than the suspension. Old, worn out suspension can easily mean an uncomfortable, bone-crunching ride. Superior quality suspension is so worth investing in because it offers a ride that responds to the road surface so is totally smooth and comfortable.

H&R boasts more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing the very best lowering springs money can buy. They are pleased to deliver parts which allow you to experience the comfort and responsiveness you’ve been looking for, offering the perfect first step in improving any suspension. Changing out your old stock springs for H&R Lowering Springs will not only improve the look and comfort of your drive, it will add up to reduced body roll too.


Unlike a large number of other performance parts companies, H&R plans, produces and tests each and every component in their own plant in Germany. For instance, every H&R Lowering Spring is shot-peened for a stronger surface which in itself gives amazing strength and resistance to cracks or breaking. For our customers, this translates into total peace of mind that, no matter how you drive or how rough the road is. H&R Lowering Springs will never let you down – they are completely tough, reliable and the very best out there.

• For over a decade H&R has worked with number one racing teams across Europe

• From the smallest parts right up to the biggest, everything is designed and built in H&R’s own German facility

• Every Lowering Spring made is shot-peened for the ultimate strength


There are quite a few modifications that can have an effect on the appearance of a vehicle, but nothing can compare to the slick appeal of a low riding suspension. H&R Lowering Springs can bring down the profile of your vehicle by .25 to 2.5 inches, depending on what you choose.

H&R Lowering Springs give a timelessly sporty look that will never degrade. The excellent 54SiCr6 spring steel that H&R uses means that lowering springs will not set or sag over time which can easily happen with other lowering springs. If this was to happen, stress and damage on the other components in the vehicles’ suspension are likely to cause problems. With H&R Lowering Springs, this is never something you’ll need to worry about.

• H&R Lowering Springs can drastically lower the profile of your car

• No sagging or setting of springs over time, unlike some others


With H&R Lowering Springs, you know it’s not just a cool new look you’ll get, but also several boosts to your car’s performance and handling even on the harshest of roads. A lower vehicle means a lowered centre of gravity which equals far better handling when driving. Due to the fact the vehicle is nearer the road surface, it sticks more closely to it giving outstanding responsiveness. The reduced amount of body roll (a vehicle’s tendency to pull to the outside of a turn when cornering at faster speeds) is another significant benefit of a lowered suspension. Less body roll is conducive to tighter, superbly compact cornering and better performance from your vehicle when you most need it.

• In addition to incredible looks, there are many performance enhancements to be gained from having lowered suspension

• Less body roll makes for hugging into corners

• Better handling and responsiveness


The excellent customer experience that Werner Heine and Heinze Remmen worked so hard for is still significant in every part of H&R, reaching from the planning phase right up to aftercare. H&R components are made using only the finest materials and engineering processes. From the unparalleled epoxy coating finish on H&R springs to the high tensile steel used in coilovers, the best of the best is key. Even after a part has left the production line, H&R provide great customer service should you need it and only consider it job done when every customer is totally satisfied.

Keeping up this fantastic quality through every part of the engineering process means that H&R is quite rightly top of its game in the performance vehicle parts market.


Since its inception, H&R has developed plenty of new components to perfectly work with the original springs Herr Heine and Herr Remmen have created.

H&R has manufactured suspension parts that totally reflect the needs of everyday use, but with a style, comfort and performance unrivalled by anyone else.

• Four Lowering Spring Product Lines

• Six Different Coilover Product Lines

• Two Different Cup Suspension Kits

• An Anti-Roll Bar System

• A Wheel Spacer and Hub Program that Offers the Largest Spaces Available

• Race Springs Which Are Particularly Light

H&R is pleased to sell all their components in a broad range of sizes and specifications so no-one is left out.




During the last few years of the 1970s, keen German motoring engineers Werner Heine and Heinze Remmen had started to realise that suspension was merely an afterthought during a car’s design process.

They noted its lack of priority, resulting in the majority of cars on the road suffering poorly built, restrictive suspension systems, and they knew something had to be done about it.

Using their many years of professional and personal experience between them, Herr Heine and Herr Remmen set about creating suspension springs that would offer drivers superior handling and enhanced control on the road. They strongly advocated the idea that car journeys are not just about making it from A to B, but are also about enjoying the ride and being comfortable.

The designers then combined their knowledge and started manufacturing their own unique suspension springs, with the sole aim of showcasing to the motoring world how excellent suspension springs could transform the appearance and ride of motor vehicles. Over time, they continued developing and refining their suspension components according to their own exacting standards, pulling in plenty of interest from the rest of the motor manufacturing world as they went.

Eventually, the work of the enterprising pair won highly sought-after TUV certification – the German hallmark of excellence in engineering. Alongside this outstanding recognition came the dawning of a new age in the European Performance Spring market, with H&R leading from the front.

The high standards and intricate detailing of Herr Heine and Herr Remmen’s suspension systems became a central part of H&R which continues to be the case today. Since the beginning, H&R has focussed all its efforts on being leaders in the field and producing top class motor suspension is at the heart of everything they do.


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