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HKS SSQV4 Kit for GR Yaris

HKS SSQV4 Kit for GR Yaris

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It has a strong presence from a unique blow-off valve sound produced from a sequential valve structure.



open to the atmosphere


with suction return kit



  • HKS changed the intercooler charge pipe for the outlet side to the casting aluminum-made pipe compared to the resin-made stock ones. This prevents expansion or damage to the pipe due to age deterioration.
  • Coordinate your engine bay stylishly with the presence of the SQV IV at the front of the engine.
  • Using the provided suction return hose meets the automobile inspection in Japan.
  • The kit allows using the combination use of the stock air bypass valve without any cancellation when installing the SQV IV.



■Sound volume when the air is vented into the atmosphere

Mounted Blow-off Valve Revving
(Inside of the car)
(Outside of the car)
During driving
(Inside of the car)
During driving
(Outside of the car)
NORMAL ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B






Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Body Color Suction Return Kit Code No. Manual Remarks
GR YARIS GXPA16 G16E-GTS 20/09 – SSQV4 (Silver) 71008-AT020 Body color: Silver, Includes Suction Return kit.


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