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Koyo Radiator Supra A90

Koyo Radiator Supra A90


Koyo Radiator Supra A90


Application: 1x Koyorad Racing Aluminium Radiator – Toyota Supra MK5 A90 (2020-2021) 48mm

Note: Packaging contains left and right side remote radiators. Transfer OEM rock guards to Koyorad remote radiators. Follow vehicle manufacturer’s coolant fill instructions.

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Koyorad: TOYOTA Supra A90 2020-

High density, twin Koyorad Hypercore radiator for the A90 GR Supra were designed to use the unique channeled OEM air guides, allowing proper air flow through to the heat exchangers, just as the Toyota/BMW engineers intended. Installation is an easy clip-on affair, just like their factory OEM

Koyorad is proud to introduce all-aluminum remote radiators for the 2020 Toyota Supra and 2018 to current BMW Z4 3.0L. Features include: hand welded end tanks, furnace brazed and high density 48mm Hyper cores, and split directional louvered fins. Radiator core thickness has been increased by nearly 80% over the OEM auxiliary radiators to boost the platform’s heat capacity and endurance. An all-aluminum construction provides an excellent upgrade to the OEM plastic tank heat exchangers which are prone to cracking over time. Packaging includes both driver and passenger side remote radiators. All mounting provisions are retained for the OEM rock guards and shrouding. The OEM quick connect hoses are a direct fit allowing an easy 30 minute installation per side with common hand tools. Advanced engineering and design methods, impeccable TIG welds, proficient furnace brazing, and triple pressure testing for quality has earned Koyorad an excellent reputation in performance cooling worldwide.



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