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SRD Supra AC Fan

SRD Supra AC Fan



This is designed to replace the large AC blower fan that’s usually removed when fitting a front mount intercooler.

This slim line Spal fan will fit on to the front of the AC radiator with the included tie kit leaving enough space for a large FMIC.

It can be wired directly to the OEM wiring for an easy installation.

This will make sure the ac is ice cold and also assist with moving air through the engine radiator to keep the engine cooler.

A must have part for big power cars still running AC


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SRD Supra AC Fan

SPAL Brushed Axial fans provide longer life, superior performance compared to standard products.
All IP68 certified SPAL motors are WP (Water Proof) which means they are completely sealed and therefore protected against ingress of solid and liquid agents.


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