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Lee Perryman’s SRD Demo Supra

Engine Specifications
9.5:1 CR, 8200rpm Rev Limit, JE Custom Pistons, Carrilo H Beam Rods with Carr Bolts, ACL Race Bearings, Titan Billet Main Caps, Fully Balanced Internals, ARP Main Studs, ARP Head Stud Kit, HKS 264 Camshafts, Ferrea Manganese Bronze Valve Guides, Ferrea 1mm Oversized Competition Plus valves, Ferrea Valve Seals, Ferrea Dual Valve Springs, Ferrea Titanium Retainers, Ferrea Spring Seat Locators, Ferrea Valve Locks, SRD Ported & Polished Head, SRD Custom Breather System, Titan Cam Gear, HKS Timing Belt, Power Enterprise Serpentine Belt, Greddy Pulley Set, BL Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket, TTC Performance Idler Pulley, TTC Performance Water Pump Pully Cover, TRD Thermostat, TRD Engine Mounts, TRD Gearbox Mount, Blitz Oil Cooler, Aquamist Water Injection, PWR Radiator, Twin Electric Fans.

Turbocharger & Induction
HKS GT2835 Turbo Kit Water cooled, Turbo Spec 52t, .73 AR Hot, .50 AR cold, Twin HKS Heat Shields, Ceramic Coated and Heat Wrapped Manifold, Ceramic Coated Turbo Exhaust Housings, Polished Turbo Compressor Housing, SRD Custom Intercooler, Twin HKS SSQV Dump Valves, Veilside Surgetank, Veilside 100mm Throttle Body.

Fuel, Tuning & ECU
HKS 1000cc Injectors, HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator, Twin Walbro Intank Pumps, Titan Fuel Pump Hanger, Paxton High Flow Fuel Filter, SRD Custom Fuel Lines, Veilside Fuel Rail, AEM EMS, 3.5 Bar Map Sensor, HKS DLI Twin Power Ignition

HKS 4″ Titanium Racing Exhaust, SRD Custom 4″ Midpipe, Modified & Heat Wrapped Down Pipe

Blitz Twin Plate Clutch, TRD Diff, Titan Diff Mounts

Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Tein Type Flex with EDFC, 9X19 Trafficstar RTS Front, 11X19 Trafficstar RTS Rear, 265/30/19 Toyo T1R Front, 295/30/19 Toyo R888 Rear, Do Luck Rear Cross Bar, Do Luck Rear Tension Set, Do Luck Floor Support Bars, Carbing Rear Strut Brace, Carbing Front Strut Brace, Hi Spec Mega Monster 6 Pots with 380mm Discs, EBC Red Stuff Pads, Drilled and Grooved Rear Discs

Interior & ICE
Recaro Seats, Bride Subframes, Sparco 4 Point Harnesses, Carbing Passenger Foot Plate, Trust Shift Knob, AEM AFR Gauge, Defi Boost Gauge, Defi EGT Gauge, Defi Oil Temp Gauge, Defi Oil Pressure Gauge, Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge, Defi Water Temp Gauge, Defi Tachometer, Defi-Link Control Unit II, Blitz FATTDC Turbo Timer, Alpine IVA-W505R DVD Sceen, Alpine NVE-NO99P Navigation, HCE-C200R Reverse Camera, HCE-C200F Front Camera, PXA-H701 Processor, SPX-177R Front Speakers, SPX-177R Rear Speakers, DLB-100R Centre Speaker, SWX-1242D Sub, PDX-4.150 Amp, PDX-1.1000 Amp,

Full Veilside C2 Body Kit, Abflug Rear Spoiler, UK spec Bonnet, Do Luck Rear Diffuser, Facelift Headlights, Facelift Rear Lights, Facelift Indicators, Clear Side Repeaters

970hp 738ftlbs, 825hp & 627ftlbs at the wheels, 11.8 @ 128mph, Suprapod 2009, 198.5 Standing Mile, Thunder Road 2010, Built & Maintained by Supra Racing Developments, Mapped by Ryan G 2bartuning.





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