We are very proud to finally release our own Single turbo kit for the Supra

Over the years we have fitted many turbo kits and have used this experience to put together a comprehensive kit from a fitting point of view.

The kit is based around a T4 Twin scroll manifold with a single HKS GTII 60mm waste gate and precision turbo.

We have been using Precision turbos since the beginning and have seen them evolve into the game changing Gen 2 units we have now.

We will be offering this kit with a choice of turbos ranging from the 6262 journal (600hp) upwards

The kit will also have 3″ down pipe and 4″ downpipe options.

Price for the kit will start at £4000 6262 or 6266 journal

with 6266 Gen 2 or 6466 Gen 2 £4650

We can also offer options such as

4″ down pipe and mid pipe £600 on top of the kit price
DEI T4 Titanium blanket £159.99
DEI Titanium Heat Wrap From £45
Compressor housing polishing £POA
Zircotec Heat coating £POA
Twins Turbo Inconel Gasket £72
Blitz 3″ Midpipe £156
Modified top Water kneck £50 (Exchange required)

An accessory kit that consists of:

Set of Toyota Manifold studs
Set of Toyota Manifold Nuts
Toyota Manifold Gaskets
Acc Kit Price £125

I will update this thread with more pics, details and dyno graphs ect as we get them.

If you have any questions regarding the kit, options or prices please let me know

Thank you

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