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Albins R35 GTR Full Gearset 1-6

Albins R35 GTR Full Gearset 1-6


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Building on the phenomenal success of the Albins 1100 HP 1st gear upgrade for R35 GTR, the long awaited release of a matching 2nd to 6th gear set was recently rolled out.

The Albins high-shockload gear “ground” tooth profile rather than the conventionally hobbed tooth delivers tooth profile perfection with zero noise. Robotic CMM scanned tooth profiles deliver perfect gear mesh with substantial increases in power holding capability.

After a lot of testing the Albins kit has found to have less tranmission noise than the OEM transmission, the Albins 2-6th gear set is a must-have for highly tuned R35 GTRs with power nearing the 1100 HP mark.

Albins has also released its “Albins Gear Retention System” that eliminates the need for Factory or Upgraded Circlips to retain gears in the GR6 Transmission.

The Albins system offers substantial benefits in location and rigidity of the gear/shaft interface at power levels approaching 1100hp as well as reducing costs invoved in purchasing upgraded circlips in an attempt to better retain gears.


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