UK’s Most Powerful Toyota GR Yaris

We have had the pleasure of working with Cristian and his GR Yaris over the last year.

The car has evolved over that time and into what is now the most powerful and upgraded GR Yaris in the UK


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What we didn’t want was just a big power lag monster to break a dyno record.

The car had to still be responsive and usable on the road and race track.

What we built has exceeded all our expectations not only retaining the response we wanted but also making more power and torque than we imagined.

All of this is aided by the X Shift 7 speed sequential gearbox with MME air shift, which has lighting fast gear changes.

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This gives us the strength in the drivetrain but also means no drop in boost between gears which can be changed via the column mounted paddles or the shifter.

All the data is show to the driver via the haltech dash and a Syvecs ECU takes care of the control.

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Our fully custom built top mounted turbo kit allows the fitment of a Precision 5862 Gen 2 BB Turbo

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This is cooled by our custom made 1000hp rated intercooler setup though a larger bosch DBW throttle and Lamspeed billet inlet.

A NX nitrous system is used to give us the extra response of a much smaller turbo while still benefiting from the large top end power of the big turbo.

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The engine is fully forged and balanced, Kelford 267 B cams help the engine to breath to 8000rpm.

To meet fuel requirements of this power we have ID1700X Port injectors along with the OEM DI.

A Walbro 485 pump is used to run the PI system through custom fuel lines and FRP, while the OEM pump takes care of the DI.

All of this resulting in an unbelievable 691whp and 557 ftlbs of torque

A huge usable power band from 3000rpm all the way to 8000rpm

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UK's Most Powerful Toyota GR Yaris

We are very proud of what we have achieved here look forward to seeing it being used the way it was intended.

You can see this car at many events this year and we all hope you like it as much as we enjoyed building it.

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