We had the pleasure to work on Cristian’s lovely GR Yaris

This car has great spec and we brought all that together by installing a Syvecs ECU kit

The car came in to us with a retuned OEM ecu and was making a very health 271 whp (322hp) and 279ftlbs of torque

After the Syvecs install and some tuning we took those figures to 308whp (366hp) and 308ftlbs of torque.

These are awesome gains showing the real benefits of a full standalone

Along with the power gains we also have increased safety features, upgraded traction control, map switching, launch control and flat shifting.

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With the map switching we have programed in low medium and high boost settings, a low octane fuel mode, diagnostic mode, valet mode and of course our trade mark flame and bangs mode. 🙂

IMG 7699

Watch out for this can returning very soon for upgrades

Full video on the Syvecs install bellow



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  1. These guys are truly amazing and have transformed my GR YARIS in to a new car which makes me smile everyday…. Can’t thank you enough for your work…..

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