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Spec List.


July 1998 Toyota Supra RZS VVTI 6 Speed Manual, fully restored and built to SRD1000S Spec.





SRD Stage 2 Block

-Mahle 86.5 Pistons

-Carrilo HD Rods

-Clevite Bearings

-SRD Brace Kit

-New Toyota Oil Pump

-New Toyota Water Pump

-New Toyota Thermostat

-New Toyota Core Plugs

-New Toyota Gasket Set

-New Toyota Lower Sump

TRD Engine mounts

SRD Billet Engine mount brackets

Fluidampr Crank Pulley

PHR Pulley Set

SRD Stage 4 Head

-BC Valves

-BC Valve Locks

-BC Springs and Titanium Retainers

-BC Bronze Valve Guides

-HKS 264 VVTI Camshafts

-SRD Port work

-Titan L19 Head Studs

New Toyota Timing Belt Idler Wheel

New Toyota Timing Belt Tensioner

SRD Billet Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket

Gates Racing Timing Belt

HKS Cam Pulley

SRD -12 Breather Kit

Polished Cam Covers

PHR Billet Oil Cap

SRD 170 amp polished alternator

NGK Racing 9 Spark plugs




Mishimoto Alloy Radiator

SRD Custom Alloy Top hose

ETS 5” Intercooler Core

SRD Twin Electric Fan Kit

New Toyota Heater Matrix

SRD Custom Header Tank

SRD Intercooler Plate

SRD PS Cooler Kit



Turbo, Intake and Exhaust


SRD Single Turbo Kit

-PT6870 Gen 2 Turbo, OCD works modified and polished housing

-SRD T4 Manifold with Billet Collectors

-HKS GT60II Waste Gate

-SRD Screamer Pipe

-SRD Oil Feed and Return

-SRD 4” Down pipe and mid pipe

-SRD 4” Intake kit with K&N Filter

-SRD 3” Custom Intercooler Pipe work

HKS Racing SQV Dump Valve

Hypertune SP Polished intake manifold Kit with 90mm Throttle body

SRD 3.5” Custom Intercooler pipe work

HKS Racing Ti 4” Exhaust System


Fueling & ECU


Asnu 1500cc Injectors

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Hypertune Fuel Rail

SRD Custom E85 safe Fuel lines and fittings

PHR Billet Fuel line holders

PHR Billet Triple fuel pump hanger

3 x Walbro 485 Pumps

Syvecs S6+ ECU Kit

-Oil Pressure Sensor

-Fuel Pressure Sensor

-3.5 bar Map Sensor

-Bosch Knock Sensor

-NTK Wideband Sensor

-Mac Boost Control Solenoid

-Fuel Flex Sensor

-ACT Sensor

-Toucan Touch Screen Display




Getrag V161 Gearbox

TRD Gearbox Mount

RPS Triple plate Carbon Clutch

SRD Heavy Duty Prop shaft

A02B Diff with TRD LSD Internals

SRD Billet Diff Case

Fully Refurbished subframes

New Toyota Diff Mounting Bushes

New Toyota Sub frame Bushes

New Toyota Rear upper arms

TRD Anti Roll Bars

New Toyota Drop links

K Sport 8 Pot 356mm front brake kit

K Sport 4 Pot 330mm Rear brake kit

SRD Custom Teflon brake lines

Hurst Line Lock

PHR Deluxe Power steering Res Kit

HKS Hypermax 4 Suspension


Wheels & Tyres


CCW SP500 18” Wheels

11.5×18 Rears

10×18 Fronts

Mitchelin Tyres

265/35/18 Fronts

315/30/18 Rear




Recaro Sporster CS Front Seats

Bride Seat Runners

TRD Steering Wheel

Veilside Gear Knob

Cusco Safety 21 10 point roll cage

SRD Audio System

-Alpine INE-W925R

-Focal ECK165 Front Speakers

-SRD Speakers Brackets

-Focal IC165 Rear Speakers

-Focal FPX51200 5 Channel Amp

-SRD Amp mounting plate

-Focal P25FS Sub

-SRD Custom Sub Box

Stinger Sound Proofing

Laser Line Cat 1 Alarm System

Battery Relocated to boot

Fuse box Relocated to boot

Washer Bottle Relocated to boot




Full re spray in 69-T002 Pure White

Smoothed Engine Bay

Smoothed tailgate and door locks

RMM Front Lip

Halo LED Rear lights built from new Toyota lights

New Toyota Front head lights

New Toyota Front bumper lights

Speed flip number plate flipper

All New Toyota Seals and trims

New Toyota Windscreen

New Toyota Quarter Windows

TRD Rear Wing with Carbon Blade

TRD Carbon Bonnet

Carbon Bonnet Lifter Set

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