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Drop Charge Temps Consistently with the CSF Heat Exchanger Upgrade for 2017+ A90 Toyota Supra, BMW G29 Z4 20i/30i/M40i & BMW G20/G21 320i/330i/M340i

Are you increasing the boost on your 2070+ A90 Supra, Z4 or 3 series via Stage 1, 2 or even a big turbo Stage 3 upgrade? You’ll want to take a look at the CSF Heat Exchanger upgrade to keep charge temps consistently cool.

Heat is the enemy of power and when boost levels are increased more heat is introduced into the boost system. The stock heat exchanger and charge cooler combination works well at stock boost levels but once boost is increased it can struggle to keep temperatures under control, the more boost you run and the harder you drive, the bigger the problem is. As a bandaid the factory ECU will reduce boost, ignition and increase fuelling to protect the engine which also reduces output, making your car feel lethargic.

The CSF Heat Exchanger Upgrade solves this problem by upgrading the factory Heat Exchanger. This upgrade improves the cooling of the water which goes into the charge cooler inside the manifold, as a result, charge temps are kept consistently cooler for longer when compared to the stock heat exchanger by around 5-15C depending on the stage of tune and use case e.g. street, track or drag use.

The CSF Heat Exchanger has been globally tested in the USA, UK and China before public release. Please take a look at the data below and in the images for more information.

Features & Benefits:

  • Significantly Reduces Intake Air Temperature (IAT) for Maximum Performance (with Faster Heat Soak Recovery)
  • Independently tested worldwide to reduce charge temps between 5-15C (testing information below)
  • Improves Air Flow to the Rest of the Cooling System for Both Lower Engine Water and Engine Oil Temperatures
  • 2-Row, 42mm Ultra-High-Performance Core
  • 6.5mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fin with CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology
  • CNC Machined Mounting Brackets and OEM Style “Quick Connect” Inlet/Outlet
  • 100% All Aluminum TIG-Welded Construction
  • Includes Rock Guard & Transmission Oil Cooler Mounting Kit (Industry Exclusive)
  • “Drop-in” Fit
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • 1-Hour “Mirror Finish” Hand Polish
  • Tested and Proven by CSF’s Global Network of R&D Partners, Including Leading Time Attack Teams, Tuners, and Turbo Kit Manufacturers
  • Fits:
    • 2020+ Toyota Supra (A90/A91)
    • & 2018+ BMW Models:
      • G29 Z4 20i, 30i & M40i
      • G20 3-Series (320i, 330i, 330iX, M340i, M340iX)
      • G21 3-Series Touring (330i, 330iX, M340iX)
  • OEM#: 16400-WAA03 & 17118666811

Testing at Evolve Automotive, UK:


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