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Domiworks 8HP Billet Oil Sump

Domiworks 8HP Billet Oil Sump


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8HP Billet Oil Pan

If the DCT Oil pan is one of our masterpieces, this beast must be the bigger brother. A direct replacement oil pan for the 8HP Transmission. Made out of a one-piece high graded aluminum and anodized black for the most exclusive and premium experience.

Includes oil pan, oil filter, gasket, bolts and our very own oil pan plug.
The pan is 7-8mm deeper then stock and holds more oil volume then OEM pan. (oil volume to be confirmed).
Integrated baffle design for improved oil volume control and flow. Mounting holes to hold the integrated oil filter in place.

Beautifully cut exposing the serrated surface which has now come to be our design insignia. The serrated surface is not only design but also works to improve heat exchange cooling capacity.
Features OEM gasket and oil filter which is availabe here in our store or any 8HP OEM parts reseller.

DomiWorks aluminium DCT/8HP Oil Pan plug (no integrated magnet due to it sits near a solenoid).
Features four additional mounting holes if you want to mount a custom heat shield, air direction plates etc.

Includes all mounting hardware required.

Fits all8HP Transmission with this type of plastic oil pan, not just BMW also Dodge and other brands.

If parts are not in stock, lead time is about 4-6 weeks.

A direct replacement to your broken plastic oil pan.
Fits 8HP45/50/70/75 Tra


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