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Taarks Hall Sensor Trigger Kit V2 SR20, 180sx, S14, S15

Taarks Hall Sensor Trigger Kit V2 SR20, 180sx, S14, S15


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TAARKS hall sensor kit replaces the CAS and provides the ECU with a trigger and home signal that is less prone to fluctuations / dirty signals.

This kit can also be used to convert the SR20de motors from distributor to a coil on plug (COP) setup.

Please note: An aftermarket ECU is required to use this kit. (will not work with Power FC)

Benefits over other designs:

  • No machining of the head required
  • Anodised black parts or stainless for no corrosion
  • Can be installed after the engine has been assembled

Modern day fuel injection systems require a signal from the crank to determine it’s position and a signal from the camshaft to determine it’s position for injection timing.
This kit provides both signals via the camshaft by utilising north and south orientated magnets. This allows for full sequential fuel and ignition timing.

Kit includes:

  • Hall Wheel (with magnets installed)
  • CAS Block Off Plug & Bracket
  • TAARKS Stainless Steel Hall Sensor (includes DTM plug)
  • Stainless Bolts, Spring Washers and Flat Washers
  • Hall Sensor Holder
  • Viton O-Rings

S13 Silvia “SR20de”
S13 Silvia “SR20det”
RPS13 180sx “SR20de”
RPS13 180sx “SR20det”
S14 200sx Silvia “SR20de”
S14 200sx Silvia “SR20det”
S15 200sx Silvia “SR20de”
S15 200sx Silvia “SR20det”


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