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Ecutek Bluetooth Interface

Ecutek Bluetooth Interface


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The EcuTek Ecu Connect is a bluetooth vehicle interface Kit & App for iPhone & iPad with Ios & Android (5.0 or higher)

Note: This option does not allow programming of the ECU.

Used in conjunction with the ECU Connect app and an Android or Ios device, the Ecutek EVI-BT allows communication between the engine ecu and your phone or tablet, and maps can be adjusted directly from the device in real time.

The following features are available

Live Data 

Display all factory and Race Rom parameters

Gauge Display

The App can be used as an ancillary dashboard to display a variety of configurable gauges including circular, bar & text.

These gauges can display all the ecu’s parameters and can also work in conjunction with custom maps. There is a configurable high or low threshold alarms which can be colour coded eg Red = High, Blue = Low. These visible warnings can flash the gauges or the complete screen are also available.

All gauge and text colours are configurable as well as custom backgrounds as seen in the pics above.

Data Logging

The Data Log tool allows you to easily record log files. Simply press start and stop and then the log files can be accessed from the Archive in the main menu. Log files can also be emailed to your tuner direct from within the app.

Map Switching

4 way map switching is available direct from the app and maps can be named.

Boost Controller

The App will allow boost to be controlled via either set parameters or on a “slider” from preset minimum and maximums.

DTC Tool

Check and clear DTC’s

Performance Analyser

A “snapshot” of the vehicle’s performance can be recorded such as 0-60mph, quarter mile, Vmax and more. The info is saved as “Performance Results” and can be shared online instantly and can be saved for comparison.

Race Rom Custom Parameters

Various driver options can be configured and we have 5 inputs available from the App to use as inputs to “Custom Maps” which allows us to create many driver selectable custom options.


Valet Mode

Boost Control

Variable RPM Limit

Soft/Hard cut rev limit

Eco / power throttle

Launch control

Pit Lane or variable speed limiter

Live Adjustments

Using the app as an input to Custom Maps we can configure the ecu to perform live adjustments to many key tuning tables … eg:Ignition, Fuel, Cam maps etc.

Note: IOS 10.2 or higher, Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher


ECU Connect Evi Bluetooth Demo


ECU Connect Dashboard and Gauges Demo


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