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HKS Carbon Racing Suction Yaris GR

HKS Carbon Racing Suction Yaris GR


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Code No. 70028-AT002


This air intake system includes the naked type air cleaner, “Super Power Flow” and carbon intake pipe.










  • 3K Twill weave CFRP Intake Pipe creates a sporty, luxurious look.
  • Reduction of intake resistance by optimizing the “Super Power Flow” naked air cleaner and suction pipe layout.
  • An air guide and heat insulator are adapted to promote the introduction of fresh air for stable performance. This air guide is also made of CFRP, and combination with the suction pipe, gives luxurious. (This product can be combined with the carbon engine cover (sold separately) for an even fabulous look.
  • The adapter pipe for the air flow sensor is also color-coordinated with black crystal coating.
    The sporty Intake sound of the naked air cleaner enhances driving pleasure.



■Performance Data


Flow bench test shows an approximate 13% increase in intake air volume at a ventilation resistance of 7kPa.






Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Manual Remarks
GR YARIS 4BA- GXPA16 G16E-GTS 20/09 – CARBON RACING SUCTION Φ200-80/Red 70028-AT002 icon pdf


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