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HKS Floor Mat Supra JZA80

HKS Floor Mat Supra JZA80



Code No. 51007-AK434



For JZA80 (RIGHT-hand drive car)


  • Non slip, light weight: Specially processed felt backing is used for anti slip purpose, making the product 15 20% lighter than using rubber spikes.
  • Easy to clean short pile carpet prevents dirt and stains. sure to stand out!
  • The “Tuned by HKS” logo on a black background with a red underline is
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
  • 2 piece front set

※*If the vehicle is not equipped with floor mat clips, use the provided clips as anti slip fixing retainer.


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  • A Japan-made car floor mat having many functions such as noiseless, waterproof, lightweight, and so on.
    This is suits for customizing your car interiors or changing the car interior atmosphere. A good fit car mat because the product is specially designed for each specific model.

■Outer Material

img 02

Polypropylene material that is resistant to wear and designed to increase the density by short-pile. A special design having noiseless and waterproof performances.

■Back Fabric

img 03

Felt material backing with great non-slip effect and about 15 to 20% weight-saving of anti-slip rubber.

■Heel Pad

img 04

A heel pad is added on the driver’s seat side. It protects the heel part where wear quickly due to operating a pedal.

■Embroidery name plate

img 05

On the driver’s seat side you will find the impressive embroidery design “Tuned by HKS” on the simple black color. The red line design gives accents to the entire appearance.
Note: The design specification of the logo varies depending on the product.

■Attachment hole

img 06

The stock floor mat fixing attachment grips can be used as it is. Fixing firmly prevents the miss-align of the car floor mat.

■Manufacturing process

img 07

HKS is particular about made in Japan from yarn, cutting, sewing, to finish. High durability and high quality are provided by sewing by a skilled professional one by one.

1. Fit the car floor mat firmly when you use the product, especially on the driver’s seat side.
2. The specifications of the stock floor mat fixing attachment grips may vary depending on the model of a car.
3. Separate purchase of the stock floor mat fixing attachment may need depending on the car models.
4. For more details, please refer to the remarks on the correspondence table from our website.



Vehicle Model Type Product Code No. Manual Remarks
SUPRA JZA80 FLOOR MAT HKS FLOORMAT SUPRA JZA80 FRONT SET 51007-AK434 For RIGHT-hand drive car. Includes provided floor mat clips


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