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The tuning expert HKS provides the clutch system for streets and sports use.
Capable torque, pedal effort, and semi-engagement range are closely examined for various driving situations.
Despite the support of approximately 700ps, the main concept for the Twin Plate LA Clutch remains the same. Using “MG Composite Discs” to reduce judder and achieve better driving feel compare to stock clutch. Disc dampers are used to reduce gear noise and protect the transmission from shock torque. The LA Twin also has a “Pivot Ring” within the pressure plate to offer partial engagement like no other twin plate clutch.

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Code No. 26011-AT002


“LA CLUTCH TWIN”, which is twin plate clutch with the concept of LA CLUTCH, has been released for 2JZ.
Maximum torque 73kgf-m, horsepower 700ps. With big capacity as metal clutches, easy clutch operation as stock. High total balance clutch system.






 1   Lightweight cover and diaphragm spring with optimized characteristic

Large capacity clutch systems usually require heavy pedal pressure. With the diaphragm spring, which has optimized characteristic, it requires only proper pedal pressure. Although it has stiff pedal feeling, it is incredibly easy and stress less operation from street to circuit during. Cover is made of forged aluminum, which is stiff and low inertia.

 2   “Pivot Ring” for advanced controllability

Pivot Ring that is low stiffness spring on pressure plate increases clutch engagement zone. It eases clutch engagement operation and it is as easy as stock clutch.

 3   8.5 inch “MG Composite Disc” with damper

In order to increase capacity, new 8.5 inch disc was developed. Damper of the disc eliminates gear noise during operation and protects transmission from shock torque. Because of the stable friction coefficient, clutch operation is easy and prevents uncomfortable vibration during clutch engagement. Independent type enables lightweight and stiff structure with smooth shift feeling and precise operation of disengagement.

 4   “Lifting Plate” for fixing wear balance of disc

By repellent of lifting plate on both sides of center plate, position of center plate will be always centered during disengagement. It improves life of disc and reduces mechanical noise of multi plate clutch.

 5   “Lightweight flywheel” for quick response

Weight of flywheel is properly reduced for each vehicle type for better response and smooth driving as too less weight cause driving difficulty.
Round drive boss enables optimized inertia performance.
Total weight of clutch kit is also lighter than stock.






  • Acceptable Range is the range of engine torque that the clutch can be used for except intentional overheating of clutch.
  • Acceptable range by condition is the range that the clutch might slide by rough operation, kick back from tire and distortion of parts etc.
  • Over the limitation is the range that the clutch might slide during clutch engagement at high rpm.
  • Mechanical limitation is the point that sliding starts when accelerated during driving.



■Comparison of LA Clutch Twin with stock clutch (Supra JZA80)

Stock LA Twin Comparison
Pedal pressure (N)* 135 172 127%
FW weight (kg) 14.39 6.88 48%
KIT weight (kg) 22.58 14.46 66%



Other required parts (not reusable parts)

Product Code no. Qty.
Flywheel bolt 90910-02103 8
Clutch release hub snap ring 96152-00500 1
Clutch Release bearing shaft snap ring 90520-75001 1
Input shaft bearing 90363-12002 1


Other required part

Product Code no. Qty.
Release bearing 90903-63001 1
Clutch Release bearing washer 90560-79001 1
Clutch Release bearing wave washer 90206-12006 1
Clutch thrust cone spring washer 90560-50001 1
Clutch thrust cone spring 31264-14060 1
Clutch Release bearing hub 31231-14050 1


Repair parts

Product Application Chart Code no. Price (w/o tax)
Clutch disc (Transmission/Flywheel both) SUPRA 26999-AT009
Clutch cover SUPRA 26999-AT011
Pressure plate for 1JZ/SUPRA 26999-AT006
Center plate Common part 26999-AK007
Bolt set (cover) Common part 26999-AK008




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Transmission Type Flywheel Weight Clutch Type Code No. Manual Remarks
Transmission Type Form
SUPRA JZA80 2JZ-GTE 93/05 -02/08 Stock 6 speed PULL 6.9kg TWIN 26011-AT002


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