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HKS SSQVIV Kit A90 Supra

HKS SSQVIV Kit A90 Supra


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SSQV4 (Silver)

Code No. 71008-AT021


It achieves the blow-off valve sound even at the Valvetronic engine that does not create the intake manifold negative pressure.



open to the atmosphere


recirculated back (with the stock air cleaner)


recirculated back (with the HKS Carbon Racing Suction)



  • When the air is vented into the atmosphere, the sharp blow-off sound emphasizes the existence of the SQV by the unique high frequency of the HKS SUPER SQV IV.
  • Changing the material of the charge pipe from the resin (at the stock) to the aluminum improves the durability and reduction of the airflow resistance. (see Fig.)
  • The combination kit including the suction return kit is available for exclusive use in the vehicle equipped with one of the stock air cleaners, HKS Carbon Racing Suction, or HKS Cold Air Intake.



■Sound volume when the air is vented into the atmosphere

Mounted Blow-off Valve Revving
(Inside of the car)
(Outside of the car)
During driving
(Inside of the car)
During driving
(Outside of the car)
NORMAL ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B ADoBoBzmTj1FBfcbOS666anqeVH9bnss9495nk8B




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Body Color Suction Return Kit Code No. Manual Remarks
GR SUPRA DB42 B58 19/10 – SSQV4 (Silver) × 71008-AT021


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