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Mishimoto Alloy Radiator

Mishimoto Alloy Radiator


  • Direct fit for the 1993–1998 MKIV Toyota Supra 3.0L
  • Applicable for both turbo and non-turbo models
  • Features a two-row, 1.97″ thick, efficient brazed aluminium core
  • Increased fluid capacity and optimal heat dissipation
  • Provides efficient temperature reduction for use on the street or track
  • Includes 1.3 Bar High-Pressure Radiator Cap which effectively raises the boiling point of engine coolant, providing a safer and more efficient system
  • Ideal for use with stock and modified vehicles
  • Includes Magnetic Drain Plug to capture any metallic debris/fragments in your cooling system
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

X Line Version

  • Premium radiator has 3-row core for improved strength and reliability.
  • 16% thinner-than-stock tubes allow for more surface contact,
  • Greater density of rows for higher cooling capacity.
  • More contact points for additional heat transfer.
  • 3-row design creates more air turbulence, maximizing cooling efficiency.
  • Includes magnetic drain plug
  • Includes a 1.3 Bar High-Pressure Radiator Cap
  • Lifetime warranty


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Mishimoto Alloy Radiator


The stock radiators are becoming a bit old and tired now, so this is a great upgrade and also looks nice in the engine bay.

The Mishimoto is larger than stock so helps with cooling, has all the mounts for the stock fan shroud and comes with an uprated cap.

It also has a fitting at the bottom for the fan sensor and a drain plug in the stock place. If you have a “Facelift” (>97) car it will still fit, with no problems but you may have to trim the fan shroud slightly as they are a bit different.

These will fit autos and manuals, but if you have an auto you will also need to purchase one or two SRD Gearbox Oil Coolers.

The X Line is an even larger 3 row version of the radiator for the ultimate cooling.

The radiators comes with a Mishimoto cap but we recommend the use of  a Blitz cap which can be added in the Cart





Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Radiator Type

X Line, Standard


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