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PHR CNC Water Pump Pulley Cover for Supra TT

PHR CNC Water Pump Pulley Cover for Supra TT


PHR’s CNC water pump pulley cover offers that finish you’ve been looking for. Use this piece when removing the factory fan. Perfectly paired with our Supra IS300 fan kit, this is the way to go for dressing up that engine bay properly.


For installation:
1. Remove accessory belt.
2. Remove stock nuts from stock studs, and remove water pump pulley.
3. Remove stock studs from water pump assembly.
4. Replace water pump pulley and pulley cover onto water pump assembly.
5. Secure with 8×1.25x15mm socket head cap screws (not provided in kit).
*Note* If using the stock water pump pulley, use a 1/4 inch spacer between the cover bolt holes and the pulley bolt holes. Washers are highly recommended. The stock pulley face is shaped differently from any aftermarket lightened pulley.
6. Snug socket head cap screws, but do not tighten.
7. Reinstall accessory belt
8. Tighten socket head cap screws completely.

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