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Radium Supra Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit

Radium Supra Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit


-Fuel Filter (-03 Stainless)
-Black 8AN and 10AN Male Adapter Fittings (x2)
-Billet Aluminum 60mm Filter 2-Piece Clamp
-Billet Aluminum MKIV Supra Filter Mount
-8AN/10AN PTFE Fuel Feed Line
-6AN Fuel Return Hose (EFI rubber hose)
-Fuel Brake Line Retainers
-Stainless Steel Hardware

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These plumbing kits include everything required to plumb the fuel system between the Radium pump hanger and the fuel rail in the JZA80 Supra. This plumbing kit is designed to work best with a Radium Engineering fuel rail for the 2JZ (20-0215), but may also work with other aftermarket fuel rails. This kit IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the stock 2JZ fuel rail.

The kit includes a pre-made -8AN PTFE feed line that runs from the fuel pump hanger to the fuel filter. Then out of the fuel filter a pre-made -10AN is used to connect to the fuel rail inlet. The fuel lines clear the OEM fuel pump cover and do not require any cutting or drilling to get them past the fuel tank.

For the return line, -6AN E85 compatible rubber fuel hose runs from the pressure regulater bac k to the fuel pump hanger return port. The fuel lines run though these billet aluminum line retainers (green brackets) which are included. The return hose E85 compatible rubber and can be easily modified for installation of an in-line flex fuel sensor.


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