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Simlab Inverted Pedal Rack

Simlab Inverted Pedal Rack


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With this pedal mount, it is possible to invert your pedals and obtain a GT-style pedal travel position. Two 15 mm thick side brackets allow for an extremely rigid base. The Profile section in the middle is adjustable in different ways. The pedal rack works with a variety of popular pedal sets, but can mostly be adjusted for most other pedal sets. A middle profile is used as a functional mount for the heel rest.

Compatible pedal sets:


  • Heusinkveld Sprint / Ultimates
  • Fanatec CSP V3. Important note: pedal arrangement needs to be adjusted!
  • Every pedal set that can be hard mounted can be mounted on this pedal rack



  • Inverted pedal rack
  • Heel rest + Heel rest profile support (500 mm long)
  • Hardware for pedal mounting

Compatible cockpits:


  • P1 + P1-X sim racing cockpits
  • GT-1 EVO 2020 and up model


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