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SRD 170 Amp Alternator

SRD 170 Amp Alternator
SRD 170 Amp AlternatorSRD 170 Amp AlternatorSRD 170 Amp Alternator

SRD 170 Amp Alternator

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Product Description

With all the extra electronics we are putting in the cars (audio, fans, twin pumps ect) its a good idea to uprate the alternator to cope

Also with the original units now 15+ years old they are getting old and tired

We now offer an uprated unit, these are brand new uprated alternators made for us by Mechman in the USA.

Spec is: 170 amp High Output S series alternator twin rectifier plates 12 huge heavy duty diodes hairpin stator construction for un-matched low RPM output and durability.

Installation is a direct bolt in, the stock belt can be used, and the unit accepts the factory Toyota alternator harness. In high current draw applications we recommend upgraded cabling.

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SRD Alternator

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