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Taarks Fuel Pulse Damper 1/4″ NPT

Taarks Fuel Pulse Damper 1/4″ NPT


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TAARKS 1/4″ NPT Fuel Pulse Damper.

What is a fuel pulse damper and why do you need one?
Fuel pulse dampers are normally attached to the fuel rail and help smooth out pulsations in the fuel pressure caused by the injectors opening and closing. OEM manufactures have been factory fitting these to engine for years. They help with light load cruise and idle. When an injector opens and closes it sends a shockwave through the fuel rail causing fuel pressure spikes. Fitting one of these fuel pulse dampers helps smooth these shock waves out. A similar example is when a household tap is closes very quickly you can sometimes hear the pipes banging.

The TAARKS fuel pressure regular uses a Genuine Nissan damper from the mighty R35 GTR. Housed a custom CNC machined housing for use in aftermarket applications.

The kit includes:

  • 1x Fuel Pulse Damper Housing
  • 1x Genuine Nissan R35 GTR Fuel Pulse Damper
  • 1x Stainless Steel Circlip



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