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Taarks Hall Sensor Camshaft Home / Sync (SR20) S13 180sx S14 S15

Taarks Hall Sensor Camshaft Home / Sync (SR20) S13 180sx S14 S15


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This kit will bolt onto the front of the SR20 exhaust camshaft and provide the ECU with a home / sync signal Only. Great for use with a crank trigger kit like our kit desined to run with the ATI balancers.

We utilise the ZF / Cherry red sensors as they are a proven unit and work extemely well. The trigger plate is CAD balanced to ensure no additiaonal vibration is added to the valve train.


  • Nickel Coated Trigger Plate
  • ZF / Cherry Red Sensor
  • No drilling or modification of the head
  • Can be installed onto a complete engine
  • 6 dowel locations allows different sync locations
  • Includes a blanking plate for the OEM CAS / Distributor

S13 Silvia (SR20)
RPS13 180sx (SR20)
S14 Silvia 200sx
S15 Silvia 200sx

**This kit was testing using standard and tomei cam gears, if you have something other than these you will need to check the adjustment bolts do not protrude past the front section of the cam gear. If they do you will need to replace 2 of the bolts with a low profile head, or machine the existing ones down.


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