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Taarks R35 Coil Conversion kit (SR20 TO R35 GTR) “S15, P12, T30”

Taarks R35 Coil Conversion kit (SR20 TO R35 GTR) “S15, P12, T30”


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R35 GTR Coil Pack Conversion Kit for S15 & P12 SR20 motors.

Looking for an upgraded coil pack for your SR20? Look no further, the R35 GTR coils can support 250hp+ per coil, thats 1000hp+ capable.

Our kit is a bolt on kit and comes with everything needed to install. Our kit even allows you to keep your coil pack cover installed.

The bracket is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and anodised to protect against corosion. All bolts and washers are stainless steel.

We are offering our kits with either Hitachi coils or genuine Nissan coils. (Hitachi make the coils for nissan, they are identical, just not in a Nissan box)

Kits includes:

  • 1x Billet Coil Bracket in black
  • 4x R35 GTR Coil Packs Genuine Hitachi
  • 4x Coil Connectors, Terminals & Wire Seals
  • 4x Ignition Coil Boots
  • 1x Hardware Kit
  • 1x Dielectric Grease

Due to the custom parts required we do not sell the bracket individually. GTR coils in pure standard form will NOT suit this bracket!.

S15 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
P12 Primera (SR20ve) **Will only fit P12 head with P12 rocker cover. If you have a P11 head with P12 rocker cover use this kit here.

1. This kit is designed to work with SR20DET rocker covers, the SR20DE rocker covers do not have the mounting holes drill and tapped. You can drill and tap the holes required using the bracket as a guide.
2. The coil in cylinder #1 is modified in house before shipping to clear the rocker cover.
3. A wiring loom is not included, only the electrical connectors needed to create a loom. We recommend having an auto electrician do this for you.
4. This kit requires the use of an aftermarket ECU capable of running sequential ignition.


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