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Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE Pre-VVTI 274 Stage 3 Camshafts

Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE Pre-VVTI 274 Stage 3 Camshafts


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Garage Whifbitz 274 10.2mm lift camshaft for the 2JZ-GTE pre-VVTi. Made in the UK by a well known and long established manufacturer to our own specs.

Our stage 3 cams are designed for cars running 70mm turbos and upwards, giving more midrange and top end power over our stage 2 cams. Power band is between 4000-8500rpm, for cars running 700bhp upwards.

Must be used with uprated valve springs, designed for maximum power/torque these are best suited to cars with a built engine to maximise the power band.

These 274 camshafts as fitted to our own Supra helping it to produce 1336bhp!!! These are proven power making camshafts, fitted to many big power cars around the world.

Price is for a pair of camshafts.


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