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HKS Cold Air Intake Full Kit A90 Supra

HKS Cold Air Intake Full Kit A90 Supra


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Code No. 70026-AT002


High efficient air intake system with using a luxurious look carbon



70026-AT002: Cold Air Intake Full Kit

70028-AT001: Dry Carbon Racing Suction




  • Producing sporty and luxury atmosphere by employing the same carbon material with beautiful twill texture used at the Dry Carbon Racing Suction.
  • Adding an extra air intake duct separately from the stock air intake port enhances the stable amount of intake air even though the open-type air cleaner was covered with the air intake cover.
  • By using HKS Cold Air Intake Full Kit provides Approx. 500g of weight-saving.
  • A unique circular polished emblem (included in the kit) makes your engine room stylish.
  • A cold air intake box can be purchased individually to upgrade your car for users who already have a Dry Carbon Racing Suction.



Stock Intake (Approx. 3.1kg)

HKS Intake (Approx. 2.6kg)

Circular polished emblem




(In-house data)


  • Adjust the airflow by optimizing the piping of the Dry Carbon Racing Suction.
  • Further, adding the extra intake duct to the intake air box becomes possible sufficient fresh air intake.
  • As a result, HKS reduced the airflow resistance at the whole range compares to the stock intake system.



The test performs a total of 6-cycles.   *1-cycle: 0km > 120km/h > stop > idling 45 sec.
Measure the inner temperature of the super power flow when stop-and-go traffic on city streets.
Outside air temperature at the test: 23.5°C to 26°C


  • Placing the air filter in the cold air intake box can make smooth fresh air intake.
    It can be reduced frequent rising air intake temperature after idling or in a traffic jam.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Kit Code No. Manual Remarks
GR SUPRA DB42 B58 19/05 – Dry Carbon Racing Suction + Cold Air Intake Box 70026-AT002


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