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HKS Legamax Premium Main Only GT86/BRZ

HKS Legamax Premium Main Only GT86/BRZ


New slit tail design muffler gives you stylish appearance and sporty sound.


Material: All SUS304
Pipe diameter: φ60-φ54×2
Tail diameter: φ124 left-right output w/ slit tail
Etc.: New 2010 Noise regulation certified for both of; “Main + Center pipe” & “Main only”

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The concept is Best Looking with Power
φ124 large diameter slotted tail design. “Slotted tail” eliminates the lower exhaust resonance. -40% of the stock exhaust pressure loss improves the low-speed torque and engine response.
Uncomfortable sound inside the vehicle’s cabin is reduced, exciting exhaust sound at high speed.Driving can be more comfortable and more fun to drive.










Cert. No. JQR10121036
Vehicle 86
Model ZN6
Engine FA20
Model Year 12/04 – 16/07
Shape of muffler SSR (LEGAMAX Premium)
Main material S304
Diameter of tip 124 L&R
Diameter of center pipe 60-54 x 2 (*1)
Close noise level Stock 86
HKS 91
About road clearance(*2) Clearance 130mm
Portion of the kit Center pipe
Product Weight 10.5kg

Only Main shell



About HKS muffler

*1: About center pipe
Diameter of center pipe is the portion that has the largest diameter. (Excluding silencer and tip.) It is the condition with stock suspension.

*2: Minimum road clearance between HKS muffler (Any parts included in the kit) and road surface. Therefore, it may be different from actual road clearance of the vehicle.
The data is basically the condition with stock suspension. However, please understand that some items have data with low down spring or ride height adjustable suspension kit.

Caution: Hook, bracket, stay may be changed without prior notice.

★ Exhaust noise level at idle.


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