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Wagner Tuning Toyota GR Yaris Competition Intercooler Kit

Wagner Tuning Toyota GR Yaris Competition Intercooler Kit


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Achieve peak performance with the Wagner Tuning high performance intercooler for the Toyota GR Yaris!

Prepare to push the limits of performance and realize the full potential of your Toyota GR Yaris. Our high-performance intercooler is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of this vehicle and provide you with a world-class driving experience.

With impressive dimensions of 630 mm x 137 mm x 135 mm + 630 mm x 43 mm x 100 mm (stepped core: 14.36 liters), our high-performance intercooler core offers a 24% larger inflow area and an impressive 69% more core volume compared to the original intercooler. This ensures optimal cooling of the supercharged air and provides a noticeable increase in power.

The cast aluminium end boxes were developed using state-of-the-art CAD technology and optimised through CFD simulations to ensure ideal internal airflow. The result is outstanding cooling characteristics with minimal back pressure. In addition, our developed Competition high-performance intercooler core in conjunction with a custom air baffle ensures that new adjacent components such as the water cooler also receive sufficient airflow. This kit is therefore the perfect choice for racing. Our Wagner Tuning intercoolers feature a high-quality anti-corrosion coating that provides superior heat conduction properties and protects the radiator from environmental influences. This ensures a lasting and optimal cooling effect, so you can always get the full performance. Installation is simple using the original mounting points and is straightforward thanks to the plug-and-play principle. To achieve even better performance, we have increased the inlet and outlet diameter to Ø60 mm. Therefore, this kit includes reinforced silicone hoses and an aluminium boost and charge pipe.

Trust in our many years of experience and quality assurance. All our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring in order to offer you only the best.

Raise your driving experience to a new level and achieve peak performance with the WAGNERTUNING high performance charge air cooler for Toyota GR Yaris. Give your vehicle the upgrade it deserves!

The Competition intercooler fits the following vehicle:
GR Yaris 1.6-L Turbo

core dimensions OEM intercooler:
V = 8.5 L
A = 913 cm²

core dimensions Wagner Tuning intercooler:
V = 14,36 L (+69%)
A = 1134 cm² (+24%)

Part number: 200001179
Kit comes with:
1 intercooler
2 silicone hoses (black)
1 mounting material
1 installation instruction

200001179 Temp
200001179 Flow(EN)


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