Well…. It’s been a long journey but here it is, the SRD1000s.

I met Lee and Ryan this morning at Abbey Motorsport hub dyno for what was the day to put all the hard work and craftsmanship to life.

The car was put in place and bolted to the dyno then the mapping began, first few runs we reached 824.5 RWHP at 7600rpm on Vpower @ 1.7 bar of boost. All seemed well the gearbox held strong so it was time to push it further.

We then run a 70% ethanol mix which we then reached the overall figure and maxed the turbo out at 906.7 RWHP @1.8 bar of boost at 7300 rpm which I believe is well over 1000hp at the flywheel wink new

The transmission has held up incredibly well for a built a340 and feels strong throughout the rev range. With the Syvecs now controlling the transmission as a standalone it’s able to lock the torque convertor up and have full control at each rpm enabling a safe load on the gearbox.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved at SRD and the man himself Ryan G for the mapping. I’m absolutely over the moon with the result and wouldn’t have done anything differently.

I’ve had the car out on the roads and it pulls very strongly! A lot more than I expected, the mickeys put down the power so well it pins me to the seat in every gear!

Well done guys you’ve made what seemed at the start impossible and made it a reality you should be very proud of!

V-Power @ 1.7 bar –

824.5 RWHP at 7609 rpm
673.0 Ft Lbs at 5492 rpm

V-Power @ 1.8 bar with 70% Ethanol –

906.7 RWHP at 7300 rpm
711.6 Ft Lbs at 6288 rpm

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