Hi all, hoping to offer something different.

I have been working with cars for over 12 years, starting with car audio and electrics and over the last six years mechanics.

I have a full time job running a car audio shop, but in my spare time love working on supras.

You may know a few cars I have worked on, like Jamiep’s, supradibbs and I look after Chingy’s Do Luck car.

I hope I can offer a more personal service as I do all the work myself.

I am lucky enough to have a workshop at home giving me the freedom to work anytime. This also helps with security as I am never too far away.

I like to take on big projects like single conversions etc, but can offer anything from servicing to full engine rebuilds.

As I have said this is part time so I can’t take on huge amounts of work. What I want to offer is an unrushed, quality service going that extra mile and treating every car as if it were my own.

I have learnt a lot over the last 6 years building my own car from completely stock to what it is now, I hope I can help you transform you supra into your dream car.

Thanks guys.


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